Here is the honest reason, if you are happier, you will be nicer.

If you are nicer, my world will improve, and then so will the world my children and friends live in.

If everyone is kinder because they are happier, life will evolve. Again back to me. I can no longer participate in the pointless pursuit of more, more, more, without meaning or end.

Gratitude → nicer → happier → kinder → generous →

and then all the endless possibilities that exist when we stop competing and judging each other and ourselves.

This was truly what inspired all of the changes and intentions behind everything, my own happiness. My choice to be happy and to inspire myself, led me to want the same thing for others.

I did not want to teach it, I wanted to be it. Not to tell others to “Be the Change”, no that was not it, it was deeper, in me, “I am the change.” I am willing to be the first to step off the edge and create the world I wish to see.

Before you know it, we will all be living our dreams and feeling connected, and again, it goes back to me. I will live in a world that makes sense and my purpose here will be complete.