The TRUTH about Abundance

Today, I am experiencing a powerful and transformational shift in abundance.  This is something that I’ve recently tapped into, and that I am excited to share with all of you.  Last Fall, I left a very unfulfilling job in corporate America.  This was a job that I worked for over 12 years, and for about the last 5 of those years, absolutely dreaded.  I knew that this particular job was not my calling in life, and I SO wanted – at a cellular level – to contribute to a higher mission in my daily work.  I wanted to be of service somehow, and to make a positive impact in the world.  Though I am grateful for all that I learned through my prior work experience, and enjoyed the people I worked with, it became deeply painful to go through the motions at work everyday, longing to be somewhere else and to be doing something to contribute in more authentic and creative ways.

For those 5 years, I continued in the job, because of 1) fear and 2) old conditioning. Fear said: I believe that I HAVE to do this job because I am making good money, and I want to provide well for my family.  There’s nothing else that I can do in order to come close to what I make now.  The reality was, though, that even while making more money than I ever had in my life, I was in a constant state of worry about finances and struggling to make ends meet.  I now feel that this was because I was receiving (money) in the relationship, yet not really giving of myself.  Yes, I did the work well, but not from a desire to be of service.  I was doing only what was expected of me in exchange for money.

Old conditioning came into play this way: I am important and valuable because I am smart, successful, achieved in school, have a high-profile job, and make good money.  In other words, my self-worth is tied to what I do, to my achievements in life, rather than who I AM.  Another way of saying this is: I felt inherently unworthy of abundance, believing I had to DO, DO, DO, DO, DO, in order to become worthy of all that I want in life.  This combination of fear and conditioning kept me trapped for a long time.

Adding to my experience of fear and feeling trapped, I also became a single Mom during that time, which made it all the more difficult for me to finally unplug myself from the job I had outgrown, and my old belief systems.  Nevertheless, because of dedication to my spiritual practices, huge faith in my Divine, and a knowing that the Universe will provide, I took a huge leap into the unknown and left my job.  A few months later, I was offered a job with a Made As Intended & Mala Project, spiritual companies that allow me to share my strengths and my message with others on a daily basis.

My job now is a new way of BEING in my daily life.  This is a way for me to be of SERVICE to others, and in alignment with my higher purpose, my soul’s calling in life.  This is the bottom line & THE PROOF: In my life – right now – I am more abundant than ever.  I have more time to spend with the people closest to me, I’ve traveled (one of my greatest loves in life!) more in the last six months than I ever have in that short a period, I have more money in the bank than before, I’m receiving (and giving) gifts regularly, and I have more close friends and fun than ever. I have so much abundance in my life today, and I am SO GRATEFUL.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to share these truths with you, too.

Want more abundance in your life?  Here’s how to get started:

  • Examine Your Conditioning/Old Beliefs – be really honest with yourself, and re-program your mind through practices that resonate for you (e.g. affirmations, meditation, and prayer).
  • Raise Your Vibrational Frequency by Being Grateful and Appreciative of the Abundance in Your Life Now – the energy that I put out comes back magnified; notice when your energy is of a lower frequency and find ways to raise it up (e.g. Dance it out!) so that you become a magnet for what you want.
  • Live Generously – Give and Be of Service, Because You WANT to – ask yourself, where can I contribute financially, or with my time and energy, to a cause that I care about?  Begin giving more of your time, energy, and/or money, not out of a feeling of obligation, but out of desire, and watch the abundance flow in.

For much more on how to incorporate these components into your own practice, and for a deep-dive into Abundance and how to really anchor it into your life, and receive anything you want, check out Mark Anthony Lord’s Adamant About Abundance program HERE.  It’s time to get everything you’ve always wanted.  YOU deserve it – just as you are today.

With Love & Gratitude,