The Blessing Bracelet Movie is the latest in a long line of miracles that started this company. The screenplay was inspired by Dawn and written by our friends at Fubble Entertainment LLC. Hallmark created a beautiful story in the true spirit of the bracelet. Here is the real story, as we remember it.

The blessing bracelet and our company starts with two things that happened to Dawn (to this day she can’t quite put her voice to exactly why they happened, and of course has no idea why they happened to her). The first happened in 2006. After many years of what she felt was being pretty generous, Dawn realized just how fearful she really was of giving ‘too much’. After all, she may not have enough left. In 2006, she was suddenly overcome with a feeling of really wanting to give more, and to more people. There was something immediate about wanting to make this change, it was Christmas and she searched for something she could create that she would also want as a gift. Thus, a pearl bracelet with sterling silver links was imagined. Along with her friend Heather, they made 250 or so bracelets. Every bracelet was given away, some in pairs, some as a part of other gifts, but the classy little bracelet was a huge hit.

Then in 2008, after another Christmas of bracelets and gift cards, Dawn became so aware of everything she took for granted, that literally she felt like a different person. Have you ever met someone who is literally so happy and grateful you almost can’t stand to be around them? Dawn was this person. She explains it now as some sort of ‘grace’ that overtook her. She was not really doing anything to attract it, but almost overnight, she became aware of how she was actually never totally 100% happy because there always seemed to be more to obtain. And then suddenly, as if by magic, she became aware of the world almost slowing down and she looked around to see all she had missed. Crazy things like the true color of her eyes, legs that knew how to walk, water that was clean, a home with heat, tree branches against the sky, black coffee, etc… One day while driving she still remembers vividly that she became so thrilled with the roads and road signs, it made her emotional.

She said after a little over a year, this crazy extreme feeling of gratitude waned a bit, but occasionally it still comes back and it is awesome. It was during this time that Dawn, while listening to someone complaining about just about everything, saw a bracelet on her arm and thought it would be great if people could use this bracelet to remind them of all they had to be grateful for. It could change their life. In about 10 minutes she wrote the Blessing Bracelet message (a message to this day she still can’t even believe she wrote because she does not ever remember using the word blessing until she wrote it that day), sent it to Heather for suggestions, and by that evening had it typed, cut, and put on bracelets to give to friends at an event. These were probably the only group of people she knew that had never received one as a gift.

By the next morning, at least half of the people at the event had ordered more. They liked the gift but they loved the tag on the bracelet more. Within a month, Heather and Dawn had orders for several hundred, and 1.5 million blessing bracelets later, one has to wonder, who created that blessing bracelet? Dawn insists she is just not that clever, and was just listening to the message given to her to place on the bracelet. It remains pretty much an ‘unexplained blessing’!

The Blessing Bracelet Movie will premiere on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel on Easter Sunday, April 9th at 7/6 p.m. Central Time.