I received my first blessing bracelet in 2014.

I had lost vision in my right eye. It was a very emotional time for me – losing my vision was not something I had ever thought about. The blessing bracelet was given with love from a dear friend and offered me support and encouragement during a long recovery. The bracelet meant so much to me and I have paid that thoughtful and loving gesture forward ever since – giving them to friends and family for various reasons – loss of a loved one, birth of a baby, tough times, sickness, birthdays, Badgers celebrations, etc. I am a huge fan.
Paula S.
New Berlin, WI

My first blessing bracelet came from a friend I have know for 40 plus years.

She showed me hers and said I am getting you one of these!! And I loved it. Since then I have purchased for myself and have given a couple to my daughter for her birthday and recently for her new job! It said all the right things. Then in September my granddaughter turned 13 and it was time for her to own one. I got her the birthstone bracelet and she felt grown up. I guess you could say my friend started a family tradition. For her 65 birthday, I am planning to give her another special bracelet with the intentions of love and traditions!! Thank you!
Pamala C.
Naples, FL

I received my bracelet from my sweet daughter for Mother’s Day this year and I absolutely love it.

I wear it everyday and I have also given one as a gift. My sister loved mine, and now she wears them also! I really enjoy and love your bracelets and plan on buying more! Thanks for such an awesome bracelet!
Jane S.
Nashville, TN

Your blessing bracelets are my “go to” gift

I first gave them to four of my girlfriends and they loved them! I continue to give them to special people in my life!
Deb E.

My first blessing bracelet

My first blessing bracelet came from a dear friend at Christmas. When I opened the package I did not see the blessing card. It became even more  precious when I read the card. 
Barbara D.
DesPlaines, IL

The first time I received a blessing bracelet was from my girlfriend, when I was going through a hard time in my life.

I thought the bracelet was so beautiful but more importantly the message the bracelet delivered stuck with me. I have then since purchased blessing bracelets for my girlfriends, my daughters, my mom and of course for myself! Everyone has their own story, and that story makes them who they are…these bracelets help each person own that story and helps them remember who they are. Thank you for creating such beautiful jewelry and sharing your message and your story… (we spoke on the phone once a few years back and you shared with me your story and how your bracelets/business has grown!)
Crystal H.
Oak Creek, WI

I received one of your blessing bracelets from a dear friend for my birthday 4 years ago.

I fell in love with it immediately and now have many different colored beads in the small blessing bracelets. I wear one every day as a constant reminder of my MANY blessings. I’ve given blessing bracelets to many others over the years. Everyone has loved them as well. Thank you so much for creating and sharing this product!
Patti L.
Marietta GA

The very first Blessing Bracelet I purchased was about 10 years ago.

It was a gift for a client who had stage 4 metastatic lung cancer. Her doctors didn’t think she would make it through the year. I gifted her the bracelet to help her think about the blessing that her son continued to be in her life and the blessing she was to him. I purchased my own Blessing Bracelet at the same time to remind me of how fortunate I was to work with people like this client, who lived an additional 5 years after her diagnosis. Lately, I’m forgetting to be grateful. The other day, I found my original gratitude bracelet and put it on because it matched what I was wearing. In that moment, I remembered all the things that bracelet had been through with me and everything it represented. And I was grateful.
Marilyn K.

The first time I gave away a blessing bracelet was to my dear friend whom I call my third sister.

She was a later in life friend that I met in paralegal school. We got along so well it’s as if we were sisters. Being the oldest myself of three girls, I never had the ability to have another sister who was my age and a go to. My first blessing bracelet purchase, went to her as a thank you for hosting me over a long fall weekend. I left it for her in the guest bedroom with a note of thanks on the dresser, as she found it the next day. Ever since, I’ve been a huge fan of the bracelets. I’ve given some, kept some for myself and gotten tons of compliments! A blessing in and of itself.
Christine R.
Chicago, IL

I have given so many blessing bracelets and got tears and hugs as a response!

My very favorite one was during Covid I gave one to my favorite cashier. I told her she always has been positive in good times and bad. She always has a smile and a God Bless you! She burst into tears and gave me a hug. This was the best surprise blessing bracelet so far!! I keep one in my purse just in case. My doctor was touched as well, as she just gets complaints!! 
Suzanne V.
Lake Bluff, IL

I had 20 people over for dinner, many of whom I didn’t know.

One of the ladies that I didn’t know brought a different blessing bracelet for all of the other ladies. I received the one with the silver pearls, which I absolutely love, and I love wearing it, it keeps me present and helps me remember of the beautiful flowers around me, and the loving friends I have, and my parents, and my precious kitty. Then my dear friend lost her beloved niece. I purchased a blessing bracelet for my friend to help her know that she is surrounded by blessings even during such a very sad time. My friend then spread the bracelets to her daughter in law and sister. I recently gave one to my best friend. She had always noticed that I wore it all of the time, and didn’t know that it was a blessing bracelet until I explained when I gave her one. Now I see various pictures of her, and she’s always wearing the bracelet. While we should always be thankful for our blessings, the bracelet is a simple, and beautiful reminder. And for myself, I also have the gold beads and the pave beads – love them all!
Joanne M.
Los Angeles, CA

The first bracelet I received was the “Blessing Bracelet”

The first bracelet I received was the “Blessing Bracelet” from my dear friend and neighbor Rachel, as a birthday gift. I wore it faithfully and touched the beads throughout the day. After continued use, I wore it out and you easily repaired/replaced the beads for a minimal fee. I have given them as gifts to family members and purchased a couple more for myself. They are all beautiful.
Brenda M.
Beaver Dam, WI

I have purchased several of your blessing bracelets

I have purchased several of your blessing bracelets after receiving the first one from my bff in Arizona. Each morning I touch a pearl and thank God for some gift- health, friends, family or whatever blessing I am grateful for that day. I deeply believe in abundance and gratitude and that we need to share our abundance with others. So…when I meet someone who is a blessing to me (the last time was only a few weeks ago-our tour guide in Portugal) I thank them in detail and ask them to receive my gift. I take off my bracelet (which is loaded with my energy) and give it to them. I then immediately order another bracelet for me (or the next receiver). I have also given these lovely bracelets as gifts to girlfriends with the reminder of how much they bless my life. I love your bracelets and will continue to share my blessings with others!
Sue R.

Good morning Heather!

I received my new order last night and absolutely love the bracelets and earrings!!!! I might just have to order myself a pair of those earrings!! I can’t wait for my friend to open them – know she’ll love them! Thank you for the beautiful “free” bracelet you added for me – very wonderful and sweet of you and the company! I will always buy from you and recommend you to others. Your message you share with each piece of jewelry is priceless. Merry Christmas!
Crystal H.

I enjoyed hearing your special story from my co-workers

I enjoyed hearing your special story from my co-workers which immediately prompted me to view your bracelets online. When I called MAI with a custom request… your staff graciously and quickly accommodated my order. Your team has definitely hit a Customer Service Homerun! I am just delighted with the bracelets, your kindness and promptness.
Leaders Bank

I was so honored to receive a blessing bracelet

I was so honored to receive a blessing bracelet from a dear friend during my husband’s recent hospitalization amid chemo treatments. I ordered a bracelet for each of my daughters. I so love the message you continue to share! Many thanks!

Wore my beautiful Blessing Bracelet last night

Wore my beautiful Blessing Bracelet last night, which immediately got me into a thinking gratitude mode. I so love the syle and Meaning of the bracelet.

I ordered the men’s Ho’oponopono bracelet

I ordered the men’s Ho’oponopono bracelet, and I had to write to let you know how pleased I am with it. As a practitioner of Ho’oponopono, as well as Reiki, your bracelet called out to me when I first saw it online. Hawaiian energy resonates strongly with me and I had to have it. When I received it, I was impressed with its stunning beauty and obvious quality. The combination of stones is soothing to wear and I rarely remove it. I intend to order the other Ho’oponopono bracelet, as well as the Mala. Thank you so much for enriching my life. I have also explored your website and found your philosophy much in tune with my own. Your photos were just lovely. Blessings to everyone at Made As Intended!

I have purchased numerous pieces from Made As Intended

I have purchased numerous pieces from Made As Intended, and every piece is more beautiful than the next. On any given day, you will find me wearing one or more malas and Blessing Bracelets. The service is great, and any questions are answered promptly.
Mary O.

My experience with Made As Intended is excellent

My experience with Made As Intended is excellent…has always been excellent.  I received a Blessing Bracelet as a gift and loved it…since then my friends and I have given hundreds (literally) of the Blessing Bracelets to special friends, family, new friends, strangers…sometimes just to say a big thank you to someone who helped us out!  I love being part of the MAI mission to spread gratitude, and love telling the story of Dawn, Ray and the MAI team.  Thank you MAI!
Ann E.

Feeling Blessed!!

Feeling Blessed!! Have ordered MANY blessing bracelets for myself and others. Thank you MAI !!!
Priscilla W.

Beautiful and high quality malas.

Beautiful and high quality malas. I love my lava stone bracelet!!
Misty L.

I received my order of Blessing Bracelets in the mail

I received my order of Blessing Bracelets in the mail today and wanted to let you know how beautiful they are…I will definitely be ordering again.
Tabitha C.