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Simple Meditation Practices

Helpful Meditations to Practice How can we ask the world, (politicians, corporations, governments, educators) to be kind, compassionate, aware of global issues and to do the right thing when we are unwilling to get off the hamster wheel ourselves?  How can we expect love and kindness to prevail on the earth, if we live in […]

Why practice meditation

Meditation 101 So why practice at all? Anxiety and stress, two huge problems for all of us, can be significantly reduced through a meditation practice. The struggle with finding meaning and purpose can be put to rest with a meditation practice, mainly because by witnessing a deeper reality within you, you gain a greater understanding […]

A MALA miracle: discipline!

So it’s the end of winter, beginning of spring- and suddenly came a realization: I already failed miserably at my New Year’s resolution! What was it? To be more disciplined. Why a resolution for discipline rather than one to be healthier, happier, thinner, or to take more vacations? By discipline I mean intentionally taking the […]