What’s Your Symbol?

Do you notice the symbols around you?  Are you attracting them by being more aware or are they actually trying to get your attention? Did you pick your symbol or did your symbol pick you?

Perhaps YOUR symbol will give you some clarity on what to focus on, and insight to keep your intentions clear, even when the world is so uncertain.

Many symbols have been around for thousands of years, creating almost an emotional response from us because of the ideas they represent. Like having a family heirloom that brings back memories, a symbol can elicit the same response. Symbols can also provide reminders to focus on our intentions instead of allowing an outside influence to rule our days.

We have selected these nine symbols for their essence and the energetic reminder they provide:

Angel Wings

An angel symbolizes protection and often healing. Angels throughout religious history always arrived to give help and understanding to a person who needed them.


The sound of the universe. Think of it as a beautiful, low humming sound that would remind you that ‘all is well’. Those that desire to hear it must learn to quiet their minds, a practice that brings joy beyond what can be explained in words.

If you desire to hear the sacred sound of the Universe, befriend the idea of slowing down and not reacting to your every thought. The OM could remind you to have patience on this journey. A slowing down of self-judgment is an opening to hearing the OM.


What better sign of rising through the impossible and claiming your worth than the lotus. They originate at the murky bottom of a pond, and find their way through the water to form a perfect, white bloom in the sun. The lotus is the symbol of all the possibilities that exist when you choose to heal from the past, and remember that you are always enough.


The universal symbol of love and good will. The heart represents your instinctual wisdom, as opposed to the head-wisdom of reason. While the heart symbol might seem to be overused and abused, there might be good reason. We have become champions at ignoring the longings of our hearts, when it’s so important to take them seriously!


Even the most cynical of us is occasionally stirred by the color or the sight of a flower. Flowers signify hope. They are a sign that the winter is over, and spring is here. Flowers are a reminder to stop, be present and take time to smell the roses, now.

Puzzle Piece

Each of us fits a very unique role in the puzzle of life, and as you know, trying to fit a piece into a place that it doesn’t go, is never a good idea. In addition to being the international symbol for autism, a puzzle piece is an excellent daily reminder to ‘stay in your own lane’ and Be Different. After all, you are made as intended.

Four-leaf clover

The sign of good luck or prosperity, because they are rare. So is the person who stays in the energy of luck and prosperity, thereby attracting it for themselves. And it is true, you do receive what you believe.

Painting, wearing, dreaming of four-leaf clovers? Good for you, you are bringing all of us more luck and happiness.

Lock and Key

“So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains. And we never even know we have the key.” Already Gone, by The Eagles

An intention of many, although often elusive, is personal freedom. What holds us back? Society, upbringing, fear…..

Keys have throughout history symbolized freedom. Your freedom is here and you hold the key. First though, you must remember to listen to what your heart is whispering about what makes you come alive.

The Paw

A symbol of our connection to and compassion for all of life. Animal lovers do not see less-developed beings, they see the miraculous in their pets and in nature. If you are an animal lover, or even just love nature, you still have the ability to wonder. Focus on that.