Sanctuary Agate 108 Count Knotted Mala


Sanctuary Agate and the Flower of Life –  108 Count Mala

Agate properties include balance, courage, & protection. It is considered to give strength physically and enhance creativity. It is also known as a good luck stone. It increases energy, but it does not increase energy all the time; rather it enables bursts of energy when needed. Sanctuary Agate, also called Indian Agate, is also known to aid with focus in meditation.

The Flower of Life is a Sacred Geometry symbol, revealing the harmonic energies by which nature creates and designs all life as part of a divine, geometric plan.

This Mala is hand knotted on white twisted nylon, using 6mm faceted Sanctuary Agate Beads and gold plated stainless steel Flower of Life Pendant.  It is approximately 30″ long with a 1″ drop.

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