POWER OF LOVE – 108 Count Rose Quartz & Dumortierite Mala


“The way of the miracle-worker is to see all human behavior as one of two things: either love, or a call for love.” ….and you HAVE THAT POWER ― Marianne Williamson

The Power of Love mala was designed to be a reminder of your power and capacity to love.  Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love, opening your heart to all forms of love, while Quartz’s high energy enhances love in virtually any situation. It is combined with Dumortierite, whose soothing vibrations encourage patience with the natural order of the Universe, promoting a positive attitude in all life situations.  A simple I Am sterling silver charm ties it all together.

Made with 6mm Dumortierite rounds, 8mm faceted Rose Quartz rondelles, and a Sterling Silver I Am charm, this Mala is hand knotted on royal blue thread, and is approximately 34″ long with a sparkling faceted bezel set Rose Quartz 2″ drop.

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Prayer and mantra practice has been used as a powerful tool for centuries to calm, regroup, heal and spiritually evolve into our best selves. Typically, the beads or mala is held in your hand while each bead is touched as you recite a prayer or mantra. A traditional mala has 108 beads with a ‘guru bead’.

Due to each mala being handmade and the nature of gemstones each mala will vary slightly. Properties of stones are legend and belief are not meant to be medical treatments. Although each mala comes with a suggested mantra, they are just suggestions, ultimately, you are the only one who knows the mantra you need to repeat.

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