What are your Intentions? Only you can set them and make the commitment to your desires. Our Intentional bracelet is a reminder to create the life you are intended for and to support a world based on pursuit of following your heart – We are meant to soar!

Created with Sterling Silver, 4mm Rosaline Pink Crystals, and a Sterling silver heart & coordinating accent crystal/stone as a charm.

Intention is the commitment to your desires. Your dreams are meant for living, set your intention to find what makes you special, what makes your heart come alive. Your life matters and your decisions and actions create the world you live in. Decide who you want to be; believe anything is possible and listen to the voice within…


The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you… Don’t go back to sleep.  You must ask for what you really want…   – Rumi

Each bracelet comes with a beautiful note card, bearing the message below:

“This is a Blessing Bracelet. Whenever you wear it acknowledge one blessing in your life for each pearl on the bracelet. Each time you are drawn to the bracelet, silently find four people or things you can be grateful for. Be grateful for: Your children, a flower, your dog, a perfect cup of coffee, a roof over your head- just find something. The more you wear the bracelet and the more blessings you find, the more you will be blessed. In one year, if followed, you will be aware of a profound change in your life.”

Additional information


Standard size – approx 7.5", Large size – approx 8.5"


Stretch nylon cord l Sterling silver l Swarovski pearl or gemstone


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