Michael Bernard Beckwith Signature Men’s Pyrite & Garnet Wrist Mala


Inspired by and created in collaboration with Michael Bernard Beckwith, we are excited to bring you his signature line of malas in Pyrite and Garnet, with the Intention to remind you of your true Essence.

Pyrite is named after fire, as Ancient cultures used it as a fire starter. A stone of masculine energy, Pyrite is the stone of vitality and action, thought to create confidence and wealth.
Symbolizing fire and Love, Garnet is the passion gemstone.  Garnet was also one of the first gemstones used by kings and clergy alike, for adorning armor and furnishings.

This men’s wrist mala is a 21 count, including the Stainless steel tag.

“May this Mala remind you that you are sourced, fueled, and funded by a renewable resource, which is within you. It never runs out. It is your Essence. Let this truth liberate you to boldly shine your light unto the world – to be generous and grateful for the miracle of God that is you.”

– Michael Bernard Beckwith