I Am Courageous – Men’s Red Tiger’s Eye Wrist Mala


Red Tiger Eye brings energies of vibrancy and vitality, and of enhancing integrity of self.  A stimulating stone, Red Tiger Eye overcomes lethargy and provides motivation.

Red Tiger Eye assists any form of moving meditation, from yoga and Tai Chi to walking meditation, as a stabilizer to maintain mindfulness and single-pointed focus.  Our high quality gemstone mala has one stainless bead engraved with I AM.   Made As Intended..find your power within.

This wrist mala comes in your choice of 8mm stones with 26 semiprecious Red Tiger Eye gemstones and one stainless steel I AM bead or 10mm stones with 20 semiprecious Red Tiger Eye gemstones and one stainless steel I AM bead.

I AM Courageous and Live My Truth….

“Other people’s opinions are none of my business” – Alan Cohen

May this mala remind you to live your authentic self, courageously, in all you are.

Visit Mala Project to register for free guided meditations & for more information on malas.

Prayer and meditation practice have been used as a powerful tool for centuries to calm, regroup, heal and spiritually evolve into our best selves. Each bead is touched or held as you recite a prayer, a Mantra (affirmation) or the intention (Sutra) of what you hold sacred. When used this way, the mala can be a means of generating more of what you want in your life.
A traditional wrist mala has a 21 count or beads.  The regular size men’s mala is 8.25 inches on a stretchable material and fits most wrists.  Each mala comes with a bag, meditation information, and it’s sacred intention.
Every mala is handmade, and due to the varying nature of gemstones, each mala will vary slightly.  Properties of stones are legend and belief, and are not meant to be medical treatments.  Although each mala comes with a suggested intention or sutra, they are just suggestions, ultimately, you are the only one who knows.

Standard size approx 8.5 inches, Large size approx 9.5 inches

Stone Size

8mm Stones, 10mm Stones

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