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Each keyring is hand strung with semi-precious gemstones that we could not use in our bracelets, so were given a second chance.

These are one of a kind, beautiful, decorated rings of gemstones that can hold your car key, your house key, the key to the women’s room, or even your bank deposit box.  Our keyrings are a tad over sized- 8”-8.5”- to slip over your wrist, helping keep your hands free while you are running errands, taking a walk, or giving your key to a neighbor…


  • 8 to 8.5 inches of thick stretchable nylon
  • Gemstone rounds
  • Assorted base metal beads and accents
  • A Key Charm
  • 28mm split ring for keys

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This Key chain is hand strung with semiprecious gems that have been given a second chance. Every stone has a natural beauty. Those not selected for Blessing Bracelets are perfect for a key chain.

*Not suitable for small children

1 review for Labradorite Second Chance Key Chain

  1. Marie

    I love mine – use it in the morning to grab the house key and take my dog out 🙂

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