Golden Orb

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The Golden Orb Necklace

What is the Golden Orb?

To start, an orb is theorized to be a spherical manifestation of energy. The Golden Orb in particular is a phenomenon that got its roots in India. At the simplest level it is a representation of pure, unconditional love. The purpose of the Golden Orb is to raise human consciousness- to shift us out of fear, anger, hatred, and violence; and into love, peace, freedom, and joy.

The gold Italian Murano Glass bead hanging from this beautiful rosary style chain is to serve as a reminder of that higher consciousness, love, and energy force.

The Orb is represented by a 24kt gold foil Murano glass bead imported from Italy. It hangs on a 24 Inch clear crystal rosary chain with gold finished base metal and a lobster claw clasp.

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