Golden Crystal 108 Count Knotted Mala


Golden Blessing Prayer Mala

 “The intention of bringing the golden light of heaven to earth.”

The Golden Prayer Mala is both a 21 bead mala of grounding earth beads, and a mala with 108 heavenly crystals powerfully uniting traditions, religions, customs, and faiths.  The use and making of prayer beads can be dated back to the 8th century in India, and are known as mala or rosary beads, they have been used for mediation and recitation of chants for thousands of years. Over two-thirds of the world’s population employ prayer beads as part of their religious practices. Prayer beads have a variety of forms and meanings, but the basic purpose is the same: to assist the worshiper in reciting and counting specific prayers or incantations. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism are the major religions that use prayer beads in important ritualistic roles.

Why 108 beads? Golden or celestial crystals

You will find at least 108 reasons why the number 108 is sacred.  The most commonly stated and accepted reason is as follows: 1 represents the Source, the higher truth or the universe, 0 stands for humbleness, emptiness, and the willingness to learn. Finally, the number 8 is related with infinity, eternity and timelessness.

Why 21 beads? Mother of Pearl

As a product of three times seven, the number twenty-one has long been considered a symbol of perfection. It is also a holy number in the Bible and a symbol of divine wisdom. In the West, twenty-one is a symbol of responsibility and adulthood is generally thought to be a “lucky number”.

This Mala is hand knotted on a twisted thread, and is approximately 30″ long with a 1″ drop.

Visit Mala Project to register for free guided meditations & for more information on malas.

Prayer and mantra practice has been used as a powerful tool for centuries to calm, regroup, heal and spiritually evolve into our best selves. Typically, the beads or mala is held in your hand while each bead is touched as you recite a prayer or mantra. A traditional mala has 108 beads with a ‘guru bead’.

Due to each mala being handmade and the nature of gemstones each mala will vary slightly. Properties of stones are legend and belief are not meant to be medical treatments. Although each mala comes with a suggested mantra, they are just suggestions, ultimately, you are the only one who knows the mantra you need to repeat.


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