108 Count Knotted Garnet and Howlite Mala



Using prayer or mala beads:

Prayer and mantra practice has been used as a powerful tool for centuries to calm, regroup, heal and spiritually evolve into our best selves. Typically, the beads or mala is held in your left hand or right hand. Each bead is touched or held as you recite a prayer or mantra. A traditional mala has 108 beads with a ‘guru bead’, there are marker beads that are not counted and only divide the mala into quadrants.

Garnet and Howlite Mala

108 Garnet and Howlite semiprecious gemstones with Swarovski crystal rondels. A mala for mediation and an elegant piece of jewelry, a modern mala!!

The centerpiece bead is also a perfectly matched garnet shade of Swarovski crystal. This mala is on nylon and can be worn as a wrap or necklace.

Garnet is truly the stone of passion and fire, it is associated with our 1st chakra, and represents our burning desire to receive and give more love.
Howlite is a stone know to bring awareness, patience, and to absorb negativity. A beautiful combination

Suggested Mantra: I am living my life with passion and purpose today.

“When you get to a place where you understand that your worthiness is a birthright and not something you have to earn, anything is possible.”
-Brene Brown


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