Diamond and Hypersthene Bracelet


Raw Diamonds shine in this New Beginnings bracelet, combined with Hypersthene, a lush and velvety gemstone of Protection. This adjustable, handwoven bracelet features 8mm Hypersthene stones and a 10mm Raw Diamond Pave focal, with matching rondelles, on black cord.

The New Beginnings Collection – designed to inspire the wearer to create an authentic and intentional life, step bravely into the unknown, leave behind old ways of being, and meet challenges and opportunities with openness and gratitude.

Adjustable and woven by hand, this bracelet in its regular size can fit a 6 inch to 7 inch wrist, in comfort.  Also available in a larger size to fit a 7 inch to 8 inch wrist.


Standard Size – 6" to 7" wrist, Large Size – 7" to 8" wrist


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