Avianna Castro’s Lavender Moon 108 Count Mala – Meditation Download Included


“Lavender Amethyst, a spiritual and powerful gemstone igniting the 7th chakra, activating and balancing your crown chakra.  Amethyst is a very spiritual stone in aiding purification, healing, opening and balancing.  Meditating with amethyst can help gain a deeper understanding of the Universe as well as enhance awareness and heighten a connection to the Divine.
Moonstone is regarded as a holy gemstone in many cultures and associated with the moon and the 6th chakra, the third eye.  It is viewed as a “dream stone” that is associated with bringing beautiful visions during the night.  Meditating with moonstone is believed to carry the energies of healing, love, inspiration and intuition.
Labradorite is an extraordinary mystical shimmering stone that Lore has said to have fallen from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis and Atlantis, allowing us to connect to the world of the unseen.  Being also connected to the 6th chakra, it assists all those who wish to travel and embrace the knowledge and guidance the Universe has to offer.  Meditating with Labradorite awakens awareness, enhances intuition and aids in communication with past lives and higher guidance.
Swarovski shimmerings infuse this piece with positive energy, joy and endurance, a perfect complement to Lavender Moon.”

 – Avianna Castro

Avianna’s Meditation – “Releasing what no longer serves you” download included in purchase



Avianna Castro is an entrepreneur, international retreat leader, intuitive medium and Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher with the McLean Meditation Academy in Sedona, Arizona as well as a Chopra Center Certified Instructor in Primordial Sound Meditation.  She is passionate about helping others cultivate inspirational change through intuition, awareness,  mindfulness and meditation.  Avianna empowers others to live awake and authentic, creating a reality that is spiritual and meaningful.  Avianna works with businesses, physicians, universities, adults and children to encompass mindfulness and meditation into daily life integrating presence, clarity, guidance and peace.

Prayer and meditation practice have been used as a powerful tool for centuries to calm, regroup, heal and spiritually evolve into our best selves. Each bead is touched or held as you recite a prayer, a Mantra (affirmation) or the intention (Sutra) of what you hold sacred. When used this way, the mala can be a means of generating more of what you want in your life.

A traditional mala has a 108 count or beads.  Each mala comes with a bag, meditation information, and it’s sacred intention.
Every mala is handmade, and due to the varying nature of gemstones, each mala will vary slightly.  Properties of stones are legend and belief, and are not meant to be medical treatments.  Although each mala comes with a suggested intention or sutra, they are just suggestions, ultimately, you are the only one who knows.