2017 Signature Holiday Duo from Made As Intended


We are proud to bring you our signature 2017 Holiday Duo –

One lush Red Murano glass Blessing Bracelet and our new spectacular Dreamer bracelet.

The Dreamer Bracelet in Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystals – “She decided to live the life she always imagined….”

This decision alone can change your life – it is not for the faint of heart, or those that are afraid of what people will think – but for those of you who not only dare to dream, but are out there making those dreams come true, this bracelet is for you.  A shining, glimmering reminder in Sterling Silver and Silver Shade Swarovski crystal that you are here to live the life of your dreams.

For these very special Blessing Bracelets, we import our Murano glass beads from Venice, Italy, where on the island of Murano, some of the most spectacular glassware has been made for centuries. Murano’s glass makers led Europe, developing or refining many centuries-old technologies, which the artisans of Murano still employ today.