108 Count Howlite Mala with Sterling Silver Lotus



This beautiful 108 count mala of matte white Howlite semiprecious gemstones, silver spacers and accents, is a calming mala for mediation, and an elegant piece of jewelry, to be worn as a reminder of your intentions in life.
Howlite, the Calm stone, is said to help with self-criticism, aiding you in overcoming an overactive mind while connecting to your inner self. A healing stone of patience and compassion, its soft texture is a reminder of gentleness, in our actions with others, and with ourselves.
The lotus in its most common form is a pure white flower that blooms in water. Not all that significant, really, except when you consider this; The lotus does not bloom in a beautiful clear pool of water- a lotus blooms straight out of pond “muck”. So, it is said, a lotus of amazing beauty, can’t become without the mud. Basically, for any of us that have ever struggled through the muck only to be blessed with amazing insight, a lotus is a badge of courage, perseverance, and the beauty of life.

Hand strung and tied on a twisted nylon thread,  two Sterling Silver Lotus charms.

“When you get to a place where you understand that your worthiness is a birthright and not something you have to earn, anything is possible.”
-Brene Brown