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  • December Tanzanite Birthstone Bracelet tanzanite sterling silver jewelry december birthstone bracelet december birthday gift

    December Tanzanite Birthstone Bracelet

    These crystals represent Tanzanite, a rare and valuable violet gemstone. This lavender crystal bracelet makes a unique gift for anyone who celebrates a December birthday. Our December birthstone jewelry is made with sterling silver.

    Smaller beads are trending, and this new version of our timeless and classic Blessing Bracelet* with 8mm smaller crystal beads, is elegant when worn alone or stacked together in a bracelet set! The blessing bracelet is a gift, a precious reminder of all we already have to be grateful for and a starting point in the practice of Gratitude.

  • Sorriso Bracelet in Tanzanite Shimmer Crystal and Sterling Silver



    Italian for “Smile”

    Stackable, Stretchable, Simple & Striking –  Tanzanite Shimmer Crystals & Sterling Silver Sorriso

    The Sorriso Effect

    Did you know that the simple act of smiling can actually make you happier?  It’s true – like the ripple effect of a pebble tossed into a pond, your smile will spread far beyond the first person who receives it.

    “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”

    – Mother Teresa

    Share A Smile

    Pictured with a Paradise Shine Crystal Sorriso and a Silver Shade Crystal Sorriso.