Over the weekend, my daughter told me she splurged on a pre-workout protein powder, the price of which sounded outrageous. I secretly smiled thinking, “What will they think of next?” My pre-workout consists of a blast of willpower. Honestly, I have no idea whether having this powder helps, but she seems to think it does.

What was relevant to this is the next morning I realized I had my own pre-gratitude practice. This is the practice that changed my life. It was ‘pre-‘ Blessing Bracelet, and it opened my eyes to everything I had been missing. Over the course of a couple of months doing this several times a day, I became so profoundly aware of just how much of life I took for granted, and so grateful for everything I had never noticed before. It was sheer bliss. It was from there that the bracelet started.

I still do this whenever I start to feel overwhelmed, and it really helps. So, when the world is in a crisis, or your life is in a crisis, here it is- the practice that helped me be present and to see just how much I was missing. It was always right there in front of me, and it was a blessing:

~ Breathe and Notice ~

In and out 10 times as slow as you can. Eyes open and noticing. Just notice- don’t let your mind tell a story- instead, you can just name things: A plant, your hands, a table… The minute you find your mind has run off come back to:

10 deep breaths, open eyes, noticing everything around you, and noticing yourself as the center. Don’t judge the ‘stuff’ you’re noticing, just see it, or, if your mind starts to go into a story, return to the breathing and noticing: A table, a flower, your hands, your feet, the ground, the chair, the floor, dust (remember not to judge), the window, coffee, a dog, your breath…

And what I have since come to understand is that gratitude for the present moment is one of the ways people open up the spiritual dimension in their lives.

I am very grateful!