A photo taken at The Camino in Spain.

It all started when founder Dawn Sprong heard a voice that said, “You have to live, truly live, before you die.” She retired from corporate balance sheets, and decided to “be the change” she wanted to see in the world by spreading a message of the power of gratitude.

Dawn designed The Blessing Bracelet as a gift for a few friends. Today, over 1 million bracelets have been shared around the world. It is an elegant gift with meaning, a beautiful reminder to appreciate our blessings.

The bracelet is truly a blessing, not only for those who wear it, but for all of us involved with making it. Through our work, we have been able to give back, through helping people in need, rescuing and adopting animals, and inspiring others to dream big.

Every product we create is made of high-quality materials, sourced from around the world, and made in a facility in the Chicago suburbs. Our gemstone designs are made to support you in creating your life’s intentions, and to remind you that you are made as intended.

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