Our People Are Our Family.

The success of our company is the result of a wonderful organization of people who truly care about each other, and hold a common mission, vision, and love of animals.


Dawn Sprong
CEO Founder - Designer

Dawn is the light and inspiration for the company, her family, and to those she comes in contact with living her truth, following her heart, she freely admits and shares who she is. Dawn started her life again after a moment of clarity, a voice that said “You have to live, truly live, before you die,” Retiring from corporate balance sheets, Dawn decided to be the one to change and see what was actually possible when you pursue life from a belief in the unseen, a belief in miracles, and a belief that there is much more to us than we have been led to believe. Dawn is a down in the dirt gardener, an urban farmer, a writer, a voracious reader, a yoga devotee, a life long learner and seeker of truth. Her life’s ambition is to live in the moment and to have awareness that every step is reverent.

Ray Sprong
CFO Cofounder

Ray could have done standup comedy, and is a captivating story teller. Instead, this ex-military, computer system guru is using his background to initiate systems for organization that are the best in the entire world. Ray is truly a man with a passion and a mission. His passion is his family, including everyone that is involved at or around the companies he is engaged with. His mission is to question everything he has ever been taught and find out what he really believes. When he is not pursuing his work with Made As Intended, or other business endeavors, you will find him riding free on his Harley or enjoying the warmth of home with a scotch and cigar.

Denise Kelly
Sales Manager Cofounder

Denise and her husband Chris live in Maryland, with Denise’s three children close by. Denise found she spent little time enjoying life. Work and worry is how she would spend her day. Working in a conscious company surrounded by like-minded souls has helped Denise find balance in being a human being first. As a former business owner of other companies, Denise keeps MAI updated and connected. Denise loves running, biking, hanging out with friends and spending quality time with family. She also spends time working on her garden, as an amateur photographer, and re-decorating her home. Her respect for life, finding gratitude, and making happiness a priority helps keep even the biggest of challenges in her life in perspective.

Heather Reizner
Operations Manager Designer/Photographer

Heather is our resident perfectionist: with photography, with jewelry design, with organization. She will not quit until she is quite sure she has captured the best of the task at hand. Heather loves music, anything artistic, and loves exploring and photographing urban decay in our city and the country. Heather, reluctantly at first, then joyously, came to be the best ME ever and the world has benefited. Her personal relationships, her unconditional love of her children, her pursuit of all things artistic and living in the now, have let her trust and let go of anxiety, teaching her to finally and truly live in her heart.


Anna loves animals, but her favorite is Ollie and we all know it. When you want inspiration, just talk to Anna; she isn’t afraid to try new things, and takes so much pleasure in her children, as a mother of four, and the small events in life. We would all like to know just how she found such wisdom.


Grace is full of life! Her parents gave must have known that when they choose her name. She is also quite the clown. Her favorite part of yoga is making us laugh and Sahvasina. When Grace is not making us laugh, (Who are we kidding? She is always making us laugh), she loves to cook and bake. And, she shares!


Javier is so dedicated to the animals, he worries about them when he is not here. On the weekends, we actually think that the animals miss Javier as well. Javi’s talents include cooking, making our most complex jewelry, keeping us organized, and he is now modeling our shirts. We all know that if Javi is here, all is well.


Our go-to person, Mardi will help with anything we ask and does it with a smile on her face. Mardi is an avid walker, promoter of gratitude, and she and her daughter helped raise and now care for the chickens. She is most proud of her new found ability to join into life rather than sit on the sidelines. Mardi does indeed have wings, and we are so happy to be a part of her intent to soar.

Jessica McNamara
Director of Development and Communications

Jessica is the most recent addition to the MAI team. Since 2014, Jess has been transforming her life from "miserable to magic." Her exit from corporate America in 2016 and her work with Made As Intended and the Mala Project are the culmination of her passionate intention to be on-message and on-purpose in her daily work.

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