Made As Intended has a new division, The Mala Project, dedicated to spiritual awakening and we’d love to invite you to participate in our free Mala Morning Meditations calls.


They will begin again on April 17 at 8am and run every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  So, if you are new because you recently purchased a mala on our website, if you purchased a mala months ago, or if you asked to be included in some other way … WELCOME– the more people connected in a morning prayer and meditation practice, the greater peace and joy there will be in the world. 


If you’re new to the calls please know they are not religious.  They are considered spiritual as we do pray, and talk about the I AM Presence, the Higher Self or Higher Power.  We even use the word God, but trust us, our definition of that word is NOT scary – quite the opposite.  It’s about the presence of Love within you and all of us.

Even if you don’t consider yourself “spiritual” – that’s cool too.  The calls can also simply be a way to start your day with a practice of slowing down, setting intentions, and connecting with yourself.  Your sacred self.


We use a free, conference call program that supports all of us coming together from around the world.  Modern technology – #awesome.

Each morning call: (712) 770-4035. It will then prompt you for a code.  Enter: 108660#

If you want to remain anonymous, you can.  You can even mute yourself by pressing *6.

If you arrive early just hang out – we will be there.  If you wake up late, don’t worry – jump in whenever you can. Miss a week- no worries we are not taking attendance.


The call begins with an opening prayer followed by a short teaching, a quote, or sharing of a brief story or life experience.  Then you will be guided on how to relax into the meditation experience.

The meditations are often different – sometimes guided, or a simple mantra followed by 3-5 minutes of silence.   It is said that even one moment of conscious contact with the I AM Presence, the Power of Love & Light within you, is more than enough.   If our mind wanders during the meditation experience, which it often does, it’s all good.  Our intention to be still is what matters the most.  After the meditation, we move into a brief time of sharing, or again please feel free to remain anonymous.  We then move into our final segment, which is to ask for prayer requests.  If you don’t feel like speaking always know a prayer on your heart is an answered prayer because you care.


Remember there is always a way- always.  Join us in “being the change” and putting more love and intention in our world.


Much Love,

Dawn Sprong & Mark Anthony Lord

Made As Intended & The Mala Project