Making Difficult Decisions

Q: I have an important decision to make that will affect many people in my life. How do I make the right decision?

A: This question is made a bit more difficult by not knowing the life area this question might fall within. Still I believe, even without that information, that the decision needs to be the one that is in your best interest, because that is the best any of us can ever do. When I say this, I am not speaking of financial, or material best interest in any way. I am speaking of following your heartfelt instincts. Truly amazing results are possible when we follow our hearts, rather than what we feel the world wants us to do. I do not want to make light of this decision if it involves others, but I do believe the “universe” has knowledge beyond our capabilities. And sometimes, even though a decision may not seem to be benefiting others, it may do so in a way you will only see in hindsight. For instance, even in the case of a divorce, often the children ultimately benefit from seeing a parent make a decision that allows them to step into happiness and freedom.

Now for that heartfelt insight, this is one way to go a bit deeper into your heart’s desire. Sit quietly, maybe closing your eyes. Breathe in and out for a while to calm your thoughts. You can even play with the idea of dropping your thoughts into you heart. If that doesn’t work for you, no worries. Now write down or ask yourself the question. If you can, ask it in a way that you get a yes or no answer. For instance, do I want to quit my job? See if you can feel your heart open or tighten with the answer you give. When your heart opens, it feels like anxiety lifts. You may feel a sense of freedom. You might feel that you need to do more than this, or research answers, etc. That is, of course, always an option. This is just an opportunity to look within your inner world of wisdom.

Hope this is helpful, and I know whatever decision you make, it is the right one!

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