I always learn so much from time in the woods. A walk in nature reveals the natural intelligence at work in everything. The flow of the river, the perfection of trees both living and dead. In the woods, I am able to observe everything AS IT IS, without wishing it were different. It’s all ok. It is all so beautiful.

It is a place where I naturally, automatically let go of my resistance to what IS. Where I may simply be an observer, with peace, and gratitude, and awe. There is an inner knowing here that all is well. That everything in nature has an ebb and flow, and an undeniable natural order that is perfect. Everything is as it “should be.”

Yet in the “real world,” this fact is harder to accept. We humans operate largely in our minds, working to “make things happen,” wanting what we want – on our schedule and on our terms. Resisting the natural flow of what is.

Instead of allowing the river to carry us in the direction of the current, we swim upstream. We grip. We clench our fists, clinging to the reality that we are willing to create. We hold on to our thoughts about the future, and exactly what it looks like.

A walk in the woods is a powerful example of how letting go, even just a little bit, can create room for more ease and synchronicities in our lives. Universal intelligence knows what it is creating through you. So you may breathe and trust that everything is happening for your highest potential now.

This is not an affirmation, or some kind of ‘spiritual bypass.’ This is reality. It is how the world works. The natural world. Want proof? Take a walk in nature. Place your feet on the earth, feel the sun (or the rain) on your face. Be still. And know. It is safe to let go.