The Keys to Becoming Truly FREE

True freedom means to feel expansive liberation on the inside regardless of external circumstances.  But HOW do we do that?  Truth time: it is not easy, but not only is it possible, it is probable.  When I am completely open to the limitless possibilities of the Universe, and know that all that I want is already mine, I am a magnet for all good things.  And I have proof – read on!

Working with Made As Intended is a dream come true for me.  I was very unhappy in my previous, longtime position in the corporate world, yet I felt powerless to change it.  I felt trapped, and longed for FREEDOM.  But deep in my mind, I believed freedom would come later.  Indeed, freedom would be mine when I retire – only 20 more years!  Sound familiar?

I started reading, practicing meditation, and I learned to chant the Sanskrit mantra for Liberation, 108 times using a prayer mala.  My awareness slowly started to expand.  I wanted out of the job so badly!  Then I realized through meditation, and talks with some very wise people, that the first step to my liberation was to ACCEPT where I was right then.  Wow, was I in resistance to that idea!  But, you know what?  As soon as I fully accepted my situation, and EXPRESSED GRATITUDE for it – right where I was in the moment – (and stated it out loud for the Universe) things began to shift.  I even had someone come into my office to tell me about a new job opportunity!

That job was not the one for me, and I continued to open up to the limitless possibilities of the Universe.  I thought, what if I really can create my reality in exactly the ways I want to experience it?  I set a date on the calendar 6 months out.  I wrote it down, and pinned it to my office bulletin board.  It was my promise to the Universe that I would liberate myself from the job that my soul knew was all wrong for me, that I had outgrown, and from which I was ready to move on.

I’ll be honest: I assumed that a new job would show up within that 6 months, and I would have a smooth transition into whatever was next.  That didn’t happen, despite a few different interviews, admittedly for jobs I was not too excited about.  Nevertheless, I doubled down on my commitment to myself.  I reaffirmed my trust in the Universe by resigning from my position on the predetermined date, without a backup plan, knowing that the Universe would rise to meet me.

I left my position and financial security, continued meditating, and chanting mantras, to raise my energy in order to receive my highest good.  Fear would start to creep in, and I redirected it into taking action steps as I was prompted by my intuition.  I reached out to Dawn Sprong, Founder of Made As Intended & Co-founder of the Mala Project, to ask if she needed any help.  She didn’t.  I kept looking forward, knowing that the best thing I could do was keep my energy high, so as to align with my highest good.

A few months later, Dawn contacted me to offer me a position.  I am so grateful to her, and for my trust in the Universe.  I’m proud that I lovingly mothered my soul, even when it became scary, and continued to trust and align with my highest potential.  I feel ecstatic in my new life, in which my soul is expressing itself daily.  It feels so LIBERATING!

I’m wearing my 108-Count I AM FREE Mala today (Moonstone with Riverstone), wrapped around my wrist, as a beautiful reminder of my promise to and faith in the Universe.  For me, it is tangible, unequivocal proof that I AM FREE.  YES, it is PROBABLE!  You can begin your liberation journey, and co-create your best reality today!

With so much love & gratitude,

Jessica McNamara

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