If You Are Reading This

If you are reading this, you are conscious, but are you present in your awareness?

What is it to be fully aware (present) in your awareness?

Described by an example:


You are conscious (aware) when you are driving. You are awake, able, hopefully alert, but where are you really? At the office working on your to-do list, or are you reciting a speech on respect to your kid, thinking about why your girl-friend is taking you for granted. You stop at a stop sign, aware that you are on auto pilot, then you slip back into the past, twirling your mala bracelet between your fingers, thinking about why your mom never…

Conscious Awareness:

You are aware of your awareness when you are driving and you notice that you are not really present, if even for a brief moment, you notice. When you notice you are aware of your awareness. At the moment that this happens, if you stay with it, you look to your hands on the steering wheel. They are your hands, you are somehow controlling them. Suddenly you realize you are breathing, moving forward in a sea of cars, yet somehow the only person that matters. You are aware that the only person in the universe that you will ever know or be able to experience is within you. You stop at a stop sign, as you stop you recognize that it is your foot that guided your car rolling to a stop. You see the perfect, yet automatic timing. You wonder why you never realize just how amazing your reflex’s, feet and hands, actually your entire physical being is.

You are stopped. You are present in your body. You look out and see a small plane in the distance. Only you can witness exactly what you see, as you see it. At this moment you are awed, without you the plane would not have existed in the same way for any other being. There is cause for you to be here right now. What a gift a moment is, then you are notice your thoughts jump: back at the office, “What do I need to do for the luncheon?” For another brief moment you pause and promise yourself that you will take time to be present in a moment. You promise yourself, it will be today, soon. Again you are aware that your awareness is precious, that it is there, behind the business. Being aware lifted a veil, it was short but you feel the wonder. It was life not outside, but inside, in you.

“Life is the thing that happens, while you are busy doing other things.” John Lennon

I AM STATEMENTS, I AM MEDITATIONS, are in the present, they will if practiced strengthen your conscious awareness.

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