Here it comes. The ever dreaded yet highly coveted Valentine’s Day… Boyfriends who have forgotten prepare to die… Ladies who are single prepare to cry… But why?

We tend to think of this holiday as a way to celebrate? Love? Love in the context of romantic partnerships between two human beings. There is so much more to love than that.

I once heard that when in a romantic partnership 1% of your love should go to that person, leaving 99% for other people, animals, life in general, your job, favorite coffee shop, etc. That has stuck with me.

In other words your love isn’t bound to one existent or nonexistent romantic human partner. And you aren’t unloved if you don’t have one. Ever heard of unconditional love? The kind that flows freely and makes up the entire essence of what we truly are? Why not celebrate that love on Valentine’s Day?

This Valentine’s Day I challenge you to find the 99%… Go outside early in the morning on February 14th and watch the sunrise. Bask in the unconditional love that the sunshine has for all of life. Maybe with your partner, maybe with your dog or pet turtle, or maybe by yourself- loving and noticing your breath and your skin and your existence.

Grab your favorite cup of coffee and LOVE every drop. Watch your favorite movie and LOVE every memorized one liner. Dance around your room in your favorite underwear to your favorite Justin Bieber song and LOVE it (okay maybe I lost you there).

Let February 14th, 2016 be an outward expression of how you would live your life with love at the center and see where it takes you.

Written by Lauren Moore