meaning of gemstones

A-Z Gemstones & Their Meanings

Agate: Encouragement, Support, Clarity, Unwavering Intent.  Shop Agates

Amazonite: Harmony, Balance, Discover truth  Shop Amazonite

Amethyst: Sobriety Stone Protection over worry Soothes mind and emotions   Shop Amethyst

Apatite: Motivation, Manifestation, Independence  Shop Apatite

Aventurine: (green) Stone of opportunity, Prosperity, Wealth Stone of Luck. Shop Aventurine

Black Rutilated Quartz: Energy, Focus, Attract and Stabilize

Blue Jasper: Harmony, Consciousness, Love of nature and presence.  Shop Blue Jasper

Carnelian: Motivation, Endurance, Leadership Love of life stone .  Shop Carnelian

Citrine: Happiness, Awakens creativity, Support to dreams. Energizing Shop Citrine

Clear Quartz:
Stone of light, opens heart and mind to guidance.  Shop Crystal Quartz

Transformation, Change, Peace  Shop Coral

Energy of transformation and re-birth .

Courage, Ability to stand up for yourself  Shop Dumortierite

Flower Agate: Attracts Desires, Protects from bad energy.

Garnet: Fire stone, Creative Energy Turn chaos into love .  Shop Garnet

Patience, Reduce Anxiety, Absorbs Negativity Shop Howlite

Jade: Blessing Stone, Insight into solving dreams.  Shop Jade

Present and consciousness in the physical body. Supreme Nurturer stone, Grounding and Stability .  Shop Jaspers

Enhances psychic abilities, allows body to receive healing . Immediately aligns chakras,
(one of two stones that never need clearing or cleaning of negative energy)  Shop Kyanite

Labradorite: Awakening one’s awareness of inner spirit and intuition.  Shop Labradorite

Lapis: Stone of truth and wisdom  Shop Lapis

Strength, Courage, Grounding in intention Shop Lava

Magnesite: Aid in creating change and finding clarity Heart Energy .  Shop Magnesite

Malachite: Stone of transformation, change, Spiritual growth .

Inner guide to hidden truths, Soul journey and New beginnings  Shop Moonstone

Mother of Pearl:
Protect and Purify.

Onyx: Courage, Promote self-control, Stamina.  Shop Onyx

Poppy Jasper: Strength and Energy .  Shop Poppy Jasper

Pyrite: Action, Vitality, Confidence, Tap into one’s potential.  Shop Pyrite

Healing, Attention to detail, Claiming inner self .

Riverstone/Fossil Coral: Grounds and Balances, Accelerates energy of surrounding stones.  Shop Riverstone

Rose Quartz: Heart Stone of Unconditional love, dissolves wounds Shop Rose Quartz

Sardonyx: Motivation, Personal Power.  Shop Sardonyx

Abundance, Potential, Enthusiasm.  Shop Sunstone

Tigers Eye: Integrity, Know right use of power.  Shop Tiger’s Eye

Turquoise: Protection, Abundance.  Shop Turquoise

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