Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

The intention of the Blessing Bracelet is to increase gratitude worldwide. Why?

The answer may be different that you think. This is not a religious attempt to start a prayer group, it is not a “Pollyanna” group attempting to be all sentimental, we are none of those.

So why?

  1. Grateful people are nicer. Watch the way your treat you kids when you are happy vs. unhappy. From a very selfish perspective, if you are happier and I cross you path you will not find fault with me.
  2. Simple physics, law of attraction, whatever you want to refer to it as the more gratitude, the more we will find to be grateful for. I do not know about everyone, but the people I come in contact with are excited to know someone is actually pulling on their behalf. Essentially, one happy blessed person can change one life that will affect another life and so on.
  3. Isn’t it time for a change, an r-evolution of sorts. We have not really changed a thing by all the stuff that we have created with our lives, maybe now that we are aware that having more stuff changes nothing, it is time for a change. What if we put our energy into changing ourselves, our beings and then looked outward to our stuff, isn’t it worth a try.
  4. To change time, yes that is right we are attempting to change time. Everyone is in such a hurry, they wonder why they never have enough time. Actually many complaints may be very time related. So when you find something to appreciate, time stops. Only for a second you become present, if you are in the present, time no longer exists or for a simple view, it no longer matters. Spend more time being grateful, time will at very least slow down in your life, if enough people stop racing around for the next “accomplishment” becoming more focused on the present, for those practicing gratitude time will change, then it only makes sense it will ripple out to the general population. At that time, we can all worry less about what we do not have, how much more we still need, who has more, who needs more, and maybe then while we are present, we will share.
  5. And finally, (I hear drums), Gratitude is one way to open the eyes of society, one person at a time. There is no us or them, he said or she said, there is ONE, I, you, me. If the ONE person practicing gratitude, say me for instance, comes to notice that “most of what I have focused on in life, I have received” we might come to a new realization. If I focus on barely surviving in a tough life, or making money and proving to my neighbors how cool I am, yet something is still missing we may dig deeper. If I have received what I have asked for and now gratefully acknowledge it, what would happen if I asked for different things? For instance, rather than money, happiness, rather than a new car, purpose, rather than a hot boyfriend, knowing love. The list could go on, but finding all you have to be grateful for could really change many, many things that you ask for.