This is not meant to minimize the infinite possibilities that exist once you start looking within, but if you are anything like I was, just the word consciousness seemed like “something that someone else should try.” That is until I had no choice but to take another path because the world I was living in was just not working.

What can you expect if you seek to become more aware? (Aware that you exist, aware of “I AM”, aware that you are alive…)

  1. Colors become more vibrant
  2. Worry diminishes
  3. You will have more less important and more plentiful
  4. Your agenda will seem less important
  5. Your energy will increase
  6. You will see the world as a friendly place
  7. You will experience more coming to you with less effort.

If any or all of the above appeal to you, you may want to try one or more of the ten things listed below.

Awareness for Dummies (How to begin a relationship with yourself)

Remembering back to how I used to be, way before Made As Intended, is astonishing. I spent most of my day thinking about what I had to do next. Making lists, having a plan, thinking about goals, money, success, trying harder to get ahead, etc., etc., etc. My favorite pastime was trying to figure out what “everyone” else was doing and how I might follow their lead to a better life.

This all changed in the most dramatic of ways for me. That is what led me here to you. What is my role? I am not entirely clear, but I do know part of it – “Awareness for Dummies.” When I revisit how simple the changes I made are, it makes me think how simply stupid I must have been for not listening, seeing, or being aware of what I was doing to myself. Everyone has heard; “You teach what you most need to know”. For me, as thick headed as I can be, the ever constant reminder of the small changes I made, the ones that led to an entirely new existence, are as important to me as ever. For the minute the anxiety or fear come back I only have to think for, but a second, of one small step to take that almost immediately removes the obstacle.

So the first dummy that needed to become aware was me. I never, ever, want to be so smart that I forget what got me here. My life is wonderful and magical and for any moment that it seems not, I have a list of small steps that lead me in the direction I am still seeking. When that moment passes I realize that each time I return to the basic awareness lessons I find my peace and happiness are expanded. Maybe the whole point of my awakening is to share my list of steps with you…

    1. Breathe, I AM. Anytime another thought interferes let it float through and return to: I AM. Try doing this anytime, anywhere, the point is to keep trying.
    2. Look in a mirror. First look closely at your eyes. Try to connect with your own eyes like you would a friend or a partner. Step back and watch yourself breathe. Try to focus on your heart and chest. Be aware of it rising and falling with each breath.
    3. Say “I am enough, I have enough, I do enough” as often and as many times a day as you can. As you say the words focus on believing any small part of their meaning that you can.
    4. Write a list of statements that focus on exactly what the perfect version of you is:

      I am beautiful
      I am aware
      I am the best person I can be in this moment
      I am here
      I am affluent
      I am…

      Now start believing that you are!

    5. Say I am here, next say, I am driving forward, I am walking to the sink, I am brushing my teeth. Focus on being exactly where you are.
    6. Close your eyes. Imagine a small version of you, walking from your head down to your heart. Once there, feel within your heart what the world would look like if your heart was in charge. Sit in this world and let your imagination take over.
    7. Make a list of things that make you feel good. All of them. Now allow yourself to do or imagine doing one of them. Each day do something on your list or take a step toward making your perfect life a reality.
    8. Think of as many things as you can that you love or feel good about. Figure out exactly how you got them. In this case I will give you a hint: If you can really figure out how it is that anything comes to us or how we are even here in the first place, you my friend are a genius.
    9. Think about someone that drives you mad, makes you angry, or hurts you. Don’t dwell on the hurt but identify them. Go back in time, do you think they did the best they could with the context of their situation at that time? Now identify something you did that you still judge yourself as having been not “good enough” or was “stupid.” Look at yourself in the same way you just looked back at someone else.

Sit and think about the day ahead or you or just the hour. Ask yourself if you could be truly happy for just one hour. Who is it that you just asked that of? Did you hear a voice within you that answered? Try responding by being happy for an hour, see if you hear more from your inner voice now that you can acknowledge and follow.


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