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When we received this great question, we thought the world could benefit from the answer.  So we’re using our blog to feature selected answers to burning questions from you, our amazing audience. Send us your question to ask@madeasintended.com.  If we post your question, your identity will remain anonymous.

Q: I would like to be able to say that I love my life, but I’m not sure why I can’t. I recently started doing yoga, which is helping me reduce stress and feel more centered. But I can’t help feeling that something is not right, or there’s something missing.  I am married, own a nice home, have two beautiful children, and a job that pays well. But I can’t seem to shake this nagging feeling that something is missing, and I can’t even think of what it could be!  Why can’t I just feel grateful for what I have, and all the good in my life?  Is something wrong with me?

A: First off, no, there’s nothing wrong with you! And let me add, I have been there.  When you get those messages in your gut that something’s not right, or something’s missing, it’s because there IS. That gut feeling is happening on an intuitive level, that is separate from our minds, which tend to run through all the reasons why our lives are “great,” we “should” be happy, and that make that gut feeling “wrong.”  I remember the first time that I admitted – albeit silently, to myself – that I was unhappy.  I immediately took out a pen and wrote down 3 simple things that make me happy: music, flowers, and laughter. And I made a promise to add those three things into my daily life as much as possible. When I did that, those three little things made a HUGE difference in my life, and set me on the path to discovering my true happiness.  So first, admit it to yourself, and trust your gut feeling. Next, write down three things that make you happy, and prioritize those in your life.  Add them to your calendar and your to-do list if you have to.  When you make your happiness a priority now, you’ll find that, in time, your life will shift, so that your inner and outer worlds are more in harmony. You may want to check out “The Happiness Project,” or TED Talks by Gretchen Rubin, or “Happy for No Reason,” by Marci Shimoff.

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