mala beads

Mala Beads

Mala Beads are known as prayer beads. They have been used for mediation and recitation of chants for thousands of years. Over two-thirds of the world’s population employ prayer beads as part of their religious practices. Prayer beads have a variety of forms and meanings, but the basic purpose is the same: to assist the worshiper in reciting and counting specific prayers or affirmations. They are for cultivating the habit of noticing our thoughts, mindfulness, and ultimately finding stillness and source within.

Whether to keep by a bedside, or wear a Mala can bring a sense of inner peace and calm. A Mala is chosen by the properties of a certain stone choice or simply by an attraction to a color or design. Each of our limited-edition Malas is hand-strung with semi-precious gem stones and/or crystals.

A Mala can assist you in focus, typically holding the beads in your left hand and counting with your right each of the 108 stones or crystals. For each stone, you repeat a simple affirmation, prayer, or chant. As you continue, when your mind wanders, the touch of moving from one bead to another is a subtle reminder to return to your intention. Often, as reported by many who meditate, answers are gently heard as you return to your journey around the Mala. The guru or divine bead is the last bead on your journey, as you hold it know that your words or intentions have been heard.

Some Practice Reminders

Patience is required. A Mala practice will help you cultivate peace, calm, and a richer inner life, yet it is a journey. First, just notice how much your mind wanders. Don’t try and stop it from wandering, which is its nature.  Simply notice the thought, let it go, and the return to the mantra.

Maybe you are praying on affluence and hear a small voice saying, “…..but you have so much you do not even appreciate now.” You do not have to react; just become aware at the end of your meditation to spend time appreciating.  That is the journey of discovery.

If possible, commit to using the beads daily, keeping in mind that meditation is for you to discover your inner truths, and the voice of creativity and source within you. Using a Mala is not a race, and it is not a plea; it is a tool to assist you in slowing down to be able to experience a stillness that contains all words and worlds.

You are the magic.  If you use a Mala, it will assist you with finding the discipline to meditate. Owning a special Mala may bring you happiness, but the transformative journey to self-actualization or awareness comes with using it in meditation.


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