On any one day after reading the news, the only feeling I have is helplessness. Is that even a feeling? It feels like a combination of despair and frustration. And really, I think we all totally understand why helplessness and even depression are on the rise.

The problem seems to me, we just don’t know what we can really do to change the world, or at very least find something to do that might help. A while ago I decided, I may not know exactly what bigger actions to take or join, but I could start small. Random acts of gratitude is my beginning. Sort of a return to my core value, because I know you can’t stay depressed for long when you start to realize all that is ‘right and good’ in life.

So I decided to be totally anonymous and very random, showing gratitude by going around and giving out small gifts for small thing I appreciate. In order to do this I actually have to ‘notice life playing out around me’. Not in the circle of people I know, but the world at large. What do I appreciate? The beautiful display of flowers in front of someone’s home, the store clerk that went out of their way for me, a social media post that really inspired me, a random neighbor who cares for the homeless cats. Then I have to find a way of leaving them a note and a blessing bracelet without them knowing who did it. It is fun, almost a game to not get caught giving. Sometimes I add a small gift card to say an extra big thank you.

If you feel inspired, you can give a blessing bracelet, a grocery gift card, a coffee gift card, any item that says ‘thanks’. I just want people to feel appreciated for being ‘noticed’. Isn’t that what we all want? I know I want to feel not only love from my family, but if I am honest, I do want to be ‘seen’ by others, not to be invisible in the world. In this case, the cure for my helplessness may not help me to be noticed, but it is putting into the world the change that I wish to see.

I may not be able to change the news, but it sure is better that sitting around lamenting all the things that are wrong with the world. Who knows, maybe I will make someone’s day, and maybe they will pay it forward in a big way. The plus side of this cure for helplessness: I spend a lot more time paying attention. And, paying attention to the moment in front of you, looking for something to appreciate, is a very big step to finding your BLISS.

Happy hunting for all the things you are grateful for…