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Made As Intended creates jewelry that promotes gratitude and consciousness, because changing ourselves changes the world.



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The Blessing Bracelet

Featured in the Hallmark Movie

The Blessing Bracelet Movie is the latest in a long line of miracles that started this company. The screenplay was inspired by Dawn and written by our friends at Fubble Entertainment LLC. Hallmark created a beautiful story in the true spirit of the bracelet. Here is the real story, as we remember it …. Learn more about The Blessing Bracelet Movie


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We are a conscious company that prioritizes people over profits, and creates products and programs from a pure desire to be the change that we want to see in the world.


We always love it when our friends and customers share their stories of love and gratitude with us.

I have purchased several of your blessing bracelets after receiving the first one from my bff in Arizona. Each morning I touch a pearl and thank God for some gift- health, friends, family or whatever blessing I am grateful for that day

– Sue

Hello, I am truly motivated to be a better person, I have been listening to “The grateful life” and your story was featured in it, I listen to the cd’s everyday in hopes of being a more grateful and appreciative person and mother to my girls. …

– Lauren

We are blessed

We’re more like a family

Mayra and Betty making the Blessings happen


Some members of our team have been with us since the first blessing bracelet was sold.

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